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Golf as a Business Tool


Playing golf is the ultimate business/professional networking experience.


It’s no secret that golf and business go hand in hand. Executives and entrepreneurs play golf to establish closer relationships with their associates and clients and to make new business contacts. For years, women have been left out of this elite network. The Latina Golfers Association helps break these barriers through golf. You too can use golf as a business tool and bond with influencers, associates, and clients. Establishing personal relationships on the golf course is how a round of golf translates into business success.


Barrons, a financial investment magazine, found that an estimated 90% of Fortune 500 CEO’s play golf. One quarter of the 25 million golfers in the U.S. are top management executives and a full 80% of that number agreed that the game of golf is an important business development tool.


Business Golf Outings & Charity Golf Tournaments


The Latina Golfers Association teaches women how to utilize golf as a business tool. With so many business deals taking place on the golf course as well as networking activities, one of the LGA’s primary focus is to prepare women to participate in Business Golf Outings and Charity Golf Tournaments via our golf clinics, golf lessons, and special workshops.


Our Intention

Empower Girls & Women

Through Golf

Promote Business

& Economic Growth

Build a Supportive Community For Each Other

Promote Health & Wellness

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