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Golf Unites the Ayala Family

2/19/20, 8:00 PM

An immigrant family finds a way to bond and connect in a manner that has helped bring them closer.

Jose and Araceli Ayala are immigrants from Mexico and never imagined they would enjoy golf as a family in the United States. Jorge is a driver for a food company and his curiosity for golf was peaked when he observed that his fellow-workers gathered regularly to play golf after work. He purchased a couple of clubs at a 2nd hand store and taught himself how to play. Soon after, he invited his son and daughter to join him. They did and today golf is a major part of the Ayala’s lives.

At 14, their daughter Joshlyn has blossomed into a golf superstar collecting trophies and metals from her winning tournaments. She participated in a PGA Jr. League team for two years and loved the experience. The PGA of Americais the nation’s premiere golf entity and their PGA Jr. League is designed to promote golf team-play for youth of all golf skill levels ages 13 and under with scholarships available for those in need.

Your daughter and/or son can get involved at one of many golf courses in SoCal offering this Jr. Golf Program for all level golfers.

You will have to register in order to find information about specific leagues in your area.

Some wonderful programs include:

Alondra Park Golf Course PGA Jr. League Team
Lizette Salas Foundation PGA Jr. League Team
Rio Hondo Golf Club PGA Jr. League Team
SCGA Jr. PGA Jr. League Team
Westchester Golf Course PGA Jr. League Team
*Pro Kids – The First Tee of San Diego PGA Jr. League Team

Feel free to contact Azucena with any questions at

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